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About me

My name is Anton Nefjodov AKA CrazyFlasher.

I have large experience in game development as Flash client developer, game designer, Unity3D client developer, team leader / scrum master and co-founder of Javelin OÜ, that was created in 2010. As mostly client developer and game architecture, can deal with any popular platform / framework / language in short time.

Currently thinking about new projects. Always in touch with latest technologies. Would be happy to take part in cool new project, that would be interesting for me. Especially in game development.

Work experience

Javelin OÜ

February 2015 - until now

Technical Consultant

Analyzing new gamedev technologies (mostly interested in Flash AIR mobile), watching new successful projects (especially mobile), helping programmers with code architecture, coding tricks and etc.

Javelin OÜ

December 2013 – February 2015

Unity3D Client Developer, Team Leader, Game Designer

Game development and publishing.
Notable project during this period: “TDP5 Arena 3D”

Javelin OÜ

September 2010 – December 2013

Flash Game Developer, Team Leader, Game Designer

Game development and publishing.
Notable projects during this period: “TDP4 Team Battle”, “Heroes Of The Sword”

Wallis (W-ALL IS OÜ)

January 2007 – November 2011

Flash / Flex Developer

1. Flash client part for online casino game development
2. GUI for web applications (flash / flex)
3. Flash web-sites
4. Online web (single and multiplayer) and mobile games

Notable works using Flash technologies in that company:
Paf.com (2007 - 2011, AS2, AS3) - clients for casino games: slotmachines, card games, roulettes, bingo games and etc.

Arhivaar (https://pro.arhivaar.ee/) (2009 - 2010) - AS3 PDF viewer, back office client, documents uploader.

Playyoo.com (old version) (2007 - 2008) - Flash Lite 1 / 2 games and extensible game prototypes for mobiles.

Yaika.com (2008 - 2009) (closed) - video stream portal. Building web GUI on Flash / Flex, video steam broadcast and receive clients, message center to send and receive text and video


January 2000 – January 2007

Flash Developer

Creating small projects such as interactive banners, small games, business card web-sites and etc.


Flash skills and experience

Working with Flash technologies since early years, starting from Macromedia Flash 4 in 1999.
Experience is more than 15 years.

Evoluting together with Flash (ActionScript) starting from Flash 4.
Have large experience in many language versions:
ActionScript 1, 2, 3, Flash Lite 1.x, 2.x, Flex (MXML)

Experience with different IDE-s (FlashDevelop, Flex / Flash Builder, etc.)
Working with many popular frameworks and engines, such as Starling, Citrus, Nape Physics, Box2D, Away3D, Feathers and many, many more including old ones.
Can deal with new frameworks and large projects quite fast.

Unity3D experience

Created from scratch "TDP5 Arena 3D" (http://tdp5.com) game client, that works together with custom, written on our side Java socket server + API server. (More details about the game can be found in “Projects” section.)

Team leader experience

Since 2011 till 2015 worked as unity and flash senior developer in co-founded company Javelin OU (Estonia). Took part as team leader in several projects such as TDP4 Team Battle, TDP5 Arena 3D, Heroes of The Sword. We used scrum methodics for organizing process and modern helpful software (Wiki, Jira, SVN, Git, Perforce and etc.). Also we had weekly short planned meetings and brainstorms.

Game design experience

TDP4 Team Battle, TDP5 Arena 3D - gameplay, weapons, items, artifacts, game types, experience system, clans and other game features.



Game genre is a multiplayer MMO shooter with RPG features, such as experience system, character and weapon upgrade system.

As an experiment we have tried to combine 3D FPS genre with platformer and got very interesting results. Server-side is completely written on our side and tested for years in such popular project like TDP4 Team Battle with 18M registered users.

Currently we use social networks to publish the game and to get feedbacks from users. We are updating game from time to time with new features Also we have a standalone PC client with automatic update system.

TDP4: Team Battle

Multiplayer online platform shooter with RPG elements.

Very popular, still alive and developing project with large active audience. Integrated with most popular social networks and currently passed Steam Greenlight. More than 20M registered users. Game design, client and server side created completely from scratch.

Heroes of the Sword

Multiplayer fighting game with RPG features. Integrated with most popular social networks.

Fight here and now in the cool online multiplayer game. Unique gameplay. Control your character in a new way. Try yourself in different type of battles, choose the best weapons and spells. Complete all quests and become one of the heroes of the sword!